Presentation Dynamics

WHAT MIKE DOES (Better Than Anyone)

Over the last 20 years, founder Mike Zawaki has broken the mold in how many industry segments - from management companies to engineering, construction, banking and financial services, insurance, legal, painting, roofing, security, remediation, landscaping, hospitality, health care and retail - do business.

Through innovative Group Marketing strategies, networking and training, Mike has shown vendors how to unleash a whole new marketing strategy. The result? He helps you find new customers, get better deals, build your business quickly, and generate revenue streams you never knew existed. And he does it all at less cost than traditional marketers.

Get Mike on your team
Specifically, Mike uses any and all combinations Group Marketing, Business Coaching, Exhibitor Services, Event Marketing, Team Training and Developing, E-Marketing and Collateral Development. He even offers one-on-one Life Coaching to help you succeed in business and life beyond your wildest dreams.

Mike also attends 15 association events a month, maintains a personal relationship with every major management company in South Florida, and conducts C.E.U. courses to over 3000 Community Association Managers/Board Members every year.

If you want to conduct business in South Florida, you want Mike on your team.