Presentation Dynamics


Unique Opportunities to Build Relationships

Incredibly, Mike's business clients don't worry about finding new customers or clients. They just arrive - sometimes in bunches, often through private tradeshows and after private conversations that Mike has quietly arranged.

Whether you specialize in association or property management, or you offer professional services to the industry, Mike helps you meet the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Always, his goal is focused and multi-faceted: To help you build your business quickly, find new customers, save on your bottom line, and discover new revenue opportunities.

To help build the right relationships for success, Mike draws on a wide variety of proven business strategies and innovative marketing skills - including:

Group Marketing
Mike's brand of "Group Marketing" is not your run-of-the-mill variety - no, he takes it to a whole new stratosphere. In the association/property management world, he creates unique GMOs, or Group Marketing Opportunities, where management companies, board members, property managers and professional support organizations can meet and do business with Mike's guidance.

Often, these GMOs include - but are never limited to - private and public tradeshows, conventions, corporate events and meetings, special introductions in front of large audiences at Mike's speaking engagements (he does over 200 a year), and arranged private business meetings. Mike will also represent your business interests to prospects and industry associations for you.

Business Coaching
Business Coaching is a version of the old "C" word (Consulting) but on steroids, at least the way Mike does it. Like everything Mike does, he brings a master plan to the table. Before suggesting anything, he assesses your organizational needs - understands how it ticks - and then defines a marketing strategy that builds on your strengths.

Next, he'll set about creating a coherent, detailed marketing plan that builds strong and long-lasting relationships with your customers, prospects and potential service providers. To protect your bottom line and brand, Mike can help you maximize your marketing budget, and makes it difficult for your competition to emulate you.

In a nutshell, here is Mike's approach in Business Coaching - as well as all of his business development and marketing efforts on your behalf. Five steps...

  1. Initial Consultation. Discuss your needs and objectives and agree on a way forward.
  2. Program Design. Construct and get approval for a program that meets your needs and future goals.
  3. Implementation. Deliver the program to your people at your location or event.
  4. Evaluation. Obtain feedback on the program and access whether your training needs have been met and how the program can be improved.
  5. Support and Following Up. Finally, Mike supports your ongoing marketing and branding campaigns by monitoring your success and tweaking areas that need refinement.

Private Trade Shows
Participate in the concept Mike created 15 years ago. Unlike large trade shows where you pay a lot of money for a booth and realize little traffic, Mike's private trade show model is just the opposite - large turnout at a small cost.

Exhibitor Services
In the fiercely competitive world of trade shows and exhibitions, Mike is expert in attracting prospects and drumming up new business for his clients. He does it all too - everything from booth planning and design, banners, database management, "floor representation," and booth training for your staff. Mike will even set up your booth for you, break it down, store it and deliver it to your next event. Imagine just showing up for the event, working the show and then going home without having to lug all of the show materials.

Importantly, Mike works with your organization to optimize your business opportunities. Your staff is trained in a proven methodology for successful booth management. He even offers database management capabilities for post-show e-marketing campaigns - where you can close the deal on new clients and new business.

Event Marketing
Mike works with top-notch pros in Event Marketing to make your experience a huge success - every show! Together with his people, Mike can provide materials and special services for every kind of event - trade shows, exhibitions, conventions and meetings, corporate events, you name it.

Mike can help you create your own branded event, extend your reach at a larger event where your competition is present, create private shows where there's no competition, or just brainstorm about how to engage consumers in unique ways. With Mike's guidance, you can be seen in unexpected and spectacular ways that your competition will envy as you "wow" your audience.

Team Development/Training
Getting your team to "fly in formation" at special events and trade shows is critical to success. Mike provides the highest quality leadership and management development training for your staff. His training courses encompass the distilled wisdom from decades of trade show experience as well as in-depth knowledge and experience in the association/property management world.

E-Marketing & Collateral Creation
Mike's marketing strategies include email marketing strategies, brochure and website development, and even blog content writing - all designed to keep your name and message in front of your most valued customers and prospects on a regular basis.