Presentation Dynamics


In today's economic climate, I struggle to find customers. Can you help?
It's one of the things we do best, finding customers for you. We do it through trade shows, corporate meetings, my professional speaking engagements, and in countless other events and venues. Or, I can simply recommend you to clients that I trust. In that case, I can facilitate meetings with the right people who can help you achieve your business goals.

How are you different than other marketing firms?
I am not a franchise of a huge marketing company. I don't aspire to be the largest marketing company in the country. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We work mainly with small to medium size companies that cannot afford to have a full-time marketing department.

I'm not your average or conventional marketing professional, and that's because I leverage many different kinds of services, on your behalf, that other agencies simply do not offer. For instance, I create marketing opportunities for you through my professional speaking engagements - as many as 200 per year - in which I might invite you to attend and present your business to hundreds of prospective customers. In this sense, I offer enormous networking opportunities you cannot find through traditional marketers.

I also create C.E.U. courses for your company. I offer Exhibitor Services and training, plus Business Coaching, for everyone from community associations to legal, accounting and property management firms. To understand my business model, realize that I utilize all of my skills to represent your business to the right people in the industry who need your services. I bring those people to you through private and public trade shows - or I set up private meetings for you. However it gets done, our goal is to use multiple marketing strategies and tactics to help you build your business.

What industry segments have you worked with?
I have provided solutions for numerous industry segments - management companies, construction, engineering, painting, roofing, legal, insurance, remediation, security, banking, landscaping, and health care, to mention a few.

Do you consider yourself a business consultant?
Oh, the "C" word. In a conventional sense, sort of - but like I said before, my company does much, much more than conventional marketing and business consulting. So I don't use word "consultant" to describe what I do. I'm an active and strong advocate for your business, representing you to others in and around the industry ... and I create the tools you need to build your organization, reduce costs, get better deals and create new revenue streams.

Our company has some unique requirements. Can you customize your service and your C.E.U. courses for us?

Absolutely. In nearly all cases, I can provide or find the service you require. Likewise, I can customize most of my courses to fit your needs. My business is highly flexible and I attempt to provide all necessary management services for my clients - whatever your needs, I find solutions or tools to help you meet your goals.

Do you sell products or service for your customers?
No. I create "marketing opportunities" for you and your staff to find and close sales, build your business and enhance revenue streams. Think of me as a "provider of tools" that enables you to succeed at what you do best.

Can Presentation Dynamics help us create a useful website?
Yes, websites and more. Whether you need electronic or printed materials, we can provide copywriting, design, production, programming - the works! We don't throw it together either - we sit with you to define your goals and then execute. Our focus is to make you stand out from the competition through our creative and marketing skills. We can also provide blog content to drive prospects to your website, plus email marketing campaigns to reach out to people you've met at trade shows and other events.

If our company contracts Presentation Dynamics to represent us, can we continue to use our own vendors and contractors?
Yes. My interest is in making certain that you are well represented within the industry and in front of the right people that can make a difference in your business. However, if you are unhappy with your vendors or contractors, my company is in a position to provide recommendations to your business (or your board of directors) on how to reduce costs, build your enterprise, make better deals, and so forth.

Mike, are the C.E.U. courses you develop and present accredited with the State of Florida?
Yes. Presentation Dynamics, Inc. is a State of Florida Licensed Provider PVD 0005095 #0004726 for Continuing Education Courses (C.E.U.) Course Development for Community Association Managers (C.A.M.'s) as well as for The Florida Bar, Licensed Provider, #02609963, of Continuing License Education Requirements C.L.E.R. for Attorneys and The Florida Department of Financial Services Provider #368425 for C.E.U. courses for Adjusters. We are also Certified Life Coaches.

I'm a condominium owner but I'm looking to outsource the property management services to a larger group. Can you help me find the right company?
Absolutely. Again, I can introduce you to the right people at management companies that offer outstanding services with proven results.

Legal fees are killing us. What can Presentation Dynamics do to help our association reduce this cost?
I represent both legal and accounting firms that can advise you on how to cut costs across the board - and that could include professional fees that your association is now incurring. The process starts with a complete review of your situation.

What is the "Where's Mike?" thing about?
I admit I'm a workaholic - because I love what I do. I'm always moving around, giving speeches and representing my clients wherever I go. But I do have an Event Schedule that I stick to, which is posted on this website. So I can be found.

We decided to have some fun with my crazy schedule. Anyone who finds me during the day and tells me the Five Words found in GREEN on my website ... I'll give them a gift ... right on the spot! Certainly, if you plan to be at one of my Events, that's easy enough - and it's a great way for me to meet you.